Selasa, 13 Mei 2008


The Director of Disaster Services for the Town of Hanna is responsible for maintaining and implementing Hanna’s Municipal Emergency Plan. This Master Plan is designed to aid the Disaster Services Agency in responding to any man made or natural disasters that may overwhelm the resources of regular day-to- day operations in our community.
The Disaster Services Agency is comprised of representatives from local industry, education, health agencies, first responder agencies (FIRE, EMS, RCMP, etc.), Non-Government Organization’s, Non-Profit Organization's, the Town, (Public Works, FCSS) as well as surrounding communities through mutual aid agreements.
Major emergencies such as severe weather (tornadoes, blizzards, etc.), explosions, major fires, dangerous or hazardous goods spills, pandemics and even acts of terrorism would be dealt with by this comprehensive agency.
Hanna’s Town Council appoints a Disaster Services Committee to oversee the Disaster Services Agency. This committee is comprised of the Mayor and two appointed Council members and is responsible for setting policy and dealing with budget issues.
The Town also has a Director of Disaster Social Services who oversees the Disaster Social Services Emergency Plan, which is an annex to the Municipal Emergency Plan. This plan primarily deals with issues associated with the “people and pets” aspect of a major emergency or disaster where, for example, events such as evacuation of ones home might become necessary.
The Government of Alberta through its primary agency, Emergency Management Alberta, sets out the rules and guide lines for all communities and municipality’s when it comes to major emergencies or disasters in the Province. It aids each community in preparing it’s Municipal Emergency Plan, provides resources for training through grant programs and also provides and manages disaster recovery grant programs.

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