Kamis, 05 Juni 2008

disaster recovery solution

Your IT staff is tasked to implement the ultimate disaster recovery solution, one that ensures near - zero data loss and fast restoration of critical business services – from a remote location. You need to maximize data protection and recovery speed while minimizing storage costs and reducing impact to network performance. Where do you turn?
Secrete Asempra’s disaster recovery solution, you restraint make certain applications and data quite and transparently while significant operating efficiency and performance. The Asempra solution sends data to the Asempra Business Continuity Server located dominion the twin rack or to a remote location using typical IP LAN or Snowy infrastructure. Deploying the Asempra Business Continuity Server at a junior location gives you options esteem the misfortune of a leading outage. Applaud applications nearly straightaway at the primary site keep from backup data recovered across the WAN. Or restore data juicy to a standby server on the minor site. Asempra’s combination of remote data protection and trim availability technologies provides the ultimate solution for disaster recovery.
Data Protection

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